Some of the Most Common Dental Fears and How to Resolve Them

Whether it is for cosmetic dental treatment or restorations, anxiety can influence numerous patients to put off visiting the dentist. Some are interested in a smile makeover, and others maintain a habit of practicing routine care to stave off problematic conditions. Here are some of the most common sources of anxiety that can influence patients’ decisions on visiting the dentist.

Tips to Overcoming Dental Fears

When not aware of what is going on, a patient may expect anything to happen out of a dental visit. This can be a discouraging thought to some and may cause dental visit cancellations. While this thought process exists, one important thing to know is that by maintaining a high-quality dental care routine, the smaller the chance you will hear bad news regarding your dental health.

The Appearance of the Office

The office and the way it appears may be a source of anxiety by itself. Patients will come in and see sights or hear sounds that are unsettling. The sound of a dental drill is just one example of an unpleasant stimuli for patients. Others look at sharp tools and instruments laying around and unsettling thoughts start to formulate. In most offices however, dentists come ready with noise-cancelling headphones and music. The doctor may only need to explain the sounds and instruments to calm the nerves of patients.

Anxiety Around Gagging

No patient enjoys gagging, especially in a setting such as a dental office. Some patients point to their strong gag reflex as a reason they prefer not to see a dentist. Even this has solutions. Patients can practice mindful breathing techniques such as breathing through the nose. Patients can also use nasal strips or spray to improve air flow.

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