What is an Oral Surgery?

In some cases, you may need more treatment than basic preventative care can keep under control. Bone loss, impacted teeth, uneven jaw development, and many other conditions may make oral surgery necessary to restore your ability to lead a happier, healthier life.

Impacted Teeth

This is one of the most common oral surgeries performed. If a tooth does not grow in proper alignment, it can become “impacted,” or trapped between the jaw bone and the gums. This can cause damage to the surrounding teeth, swelling, infection, and can even decay under the gumline. In some cases, serious damage to the jawbone can occur. This is most common in wisdom teeth, but can occur in any tooth.
To prevent these problems from developing or worsening, surgical removal of the tooth is recommended.

Dental Implants

To replace an extracted or missing tooth, a dental implant can be used. This prosthetic device simulates all parts of a natural tooth, from cusp to root, and permanently bonds with the jaw. An implant requires the surgical placement of a titanium post into the gums where the tooth has been lost. Once this has healed, an abutment and crown can be attached to completely restore your bite and fill in your smile, or dentures can be attached for a secure, comfortable fit.

Bone Graft

To place a dental implant, you must have enough jaw bone present to support it. Bone may also be lost in patients who wear dentures, making it hard to support the devices. In these cases, bone can be grafted onto the weakened areas to help rebuild and restore the lost bone.

There are many types of oral surgery, each one suited to a specific problem. A dentist like Dr. Mashkouri can help determine if you need surgery and can perform the procedure for you. If she is unable to perform your surgery, she can refer you to a trusted specialist to ensure you get excellent treatment.

If you believe you need oral surgery, Dr. Mashkouri treats patients in the Los Angeles and Westwood area. Call the Lotus Family Dental office to make an appointment for a consultation with her by calling (310) 776-6441.

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